Equipment installation

The first stage of works on installation of equipment begins with the inspection of the installation site. Our experts perform measurements of the room, determine the best ways to supply communications in space, relate the primary data on the premises with the manufacturer to the installation of this model of medical equipment and fix the customer's wishes.

In the second stage, we do the drawings for the installation of equipment and explains to the customer in terms of the construction work for logging equipment in the customer's premises.

The next stage of work was applied equipment has prepared the room and unpacking checking completeness and identify possible defects that might occur during transport.

Installation of all components and connection of all parts of the system into a single unit - is the next stage of work.

Commissioning, calibration, obtaining high-quality images on phantoms followed by obtaining quality images on patients - this is the final stage of work on the installation of equipment such as CT, MRI, angiography, etc.